Her Sound, Her Story will transform the voice of women in the creative industry from a reserved murmur into a loud and powerful projection.
At last! Her Sound, Her Story is the documentary Australian music has been waiting for. A bold, exhilarating, heartfelt, extraordinarily honest account from some of our most talented artists. Women are dominating popular music all around the world and Her Sound, Her Story proves how much Australia has to offer.

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HER SOUND, HER STORY is an intimate conversation unveiling the personal experiences, histories and significant social impacts of women in the Australian music industry.

Featuring more than 45 artists spanning six decades, its unique narrative brims with rage, strength, beauty and triumph: a moving and powerful dialogue that extends beyond the music industry to ask, "Where do we want women's voices to sit in the world today?”




In 1995, Australian music icon and Order Of Australia Medallist Lindy Morrison (Zero, The Go-Betweens, Cleopatra Wong, The Sandy Shores and Alex the Astronaut), made a documentary and accompanying student workbook called Australian Women in Rock and Pop Music to be used as an information resource for women in the music industry.

Viewed in hindsight, the uncanny paralleled conversation between the two films shows many reoccurring themes and issues faced by women in music all of which have remained unresolved across the past three decades.

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