Curriculum links and activities: The Arts: Music (Level 10)

Year 10 Achievement Standard addressed

By the end of Year 10, students analyse different scores and performances aurally and visually. They evaluate the use of elements of music and defining characteristics from different musical styles. They use their understanding of music making in different cultures, times and places to inform and shape their interpretations, performances and compositions.

Content descriptions addressed 

  • Analyse a range of music from contemporary and past times to explore differing viewpoints and enrich their music making, starting with Australian music, including music of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, and consider music in international contexts (ACAMUR105)

Australian Curriculum general capabilities addressed in these activities:

Suggested activities:

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Before watching the documentary

  • Read the Synopsis (Page X), and How the Film Came About (Page X) chapters. Answer the questions related to each chapter and share with classmates.

Watch the documentary

  • While watching, listen carefully to the soundtrack and how it was constructed. Consider how music enhanced the ideas in the documentary. Explain your thoughts to a partner.

After watching the documentary

  • Read about the musicians in the documentary on page X and on WEBSITE LINK>

  • Select 2 songs from different musicians in the documentary made by musicians of different ages and/or cultures.

  • Make a short digital presentation in a format of your choice (a video, a PowerPoint presentation, a series of Instagram posts) that compares the viewpoints and musical styles of the musicians. In this presentation, reference the elements of music, defining characteristics of the different musical styles. Make links to how viewpoints of musicians are communicated through performances and compositions. (ACAMUR105)