Curriculum links and activities: Health and Physical Education (Level 10)

Year 10 Achievement Standard addressed

Year 10 Achievement Standard addressed

By the end of Year 10, students critically analyse contextual factors that influence identities, relationships, decisions and behaviours. They analyse the impact attitudes and beliefs about diversity have on community connection and wellbeing. They evaluate the outcomes of emotional responses to different situations. 

Content descriptions addressed 

  • Evaluate factors that shape identities and critically analyse how individuals impact the identities of others (ACPPS089)

  • Critique behaviours and contextual factors that influence health and wellbeing of diverse communities (ACPPS098)

  • Plan, implement and critique strategies to enhance health, safety and wellbeing of their communities (ACPPS096)

Australian Curriculum general capabilities addressed in these activities:

Suggested activities:

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Before watching the documentary

  • Read the Synopsis (Page X), and How the Film Came About (Page X) chapters. Answer the questions related to each chapter and share with classmates.

  • As a class, with a partner, or in small groups discuss the following questions:

    • Who are some of your favourite musicians

    • What is the gender balance of these musicians

    • Does gender make a difference in the music you listen to (for example, if you identify as female, are you more likely to listen to female musicians?)

    • What are your thoughts of gender equality globally?

    • What is being done in our society to address gender equality?

    • How does gender equality influence wellbeing?

  • Make a list with the class, (using a google doc or another digital collaborative space, or a piece of paper), of all the factors you think might shape identities.

Watch the documentary

  • While watching the documentary, add to and explain different factors that shape identities. (ACPPS089)

After watching the documentary

Consider factors that shape identities (ACPPS089)

  • Re-watch the sequence in the documentary where Okenyo is interviewed, from 44 minutes, and from 47minutes with Mojo Juju’s interview.

  • Explain key points that were discussed.

  • Explain, using examples from the documentary, how the following factors can shape identities

    • Role models, visibility of ‘people like me’ in the industry

    • Being told by others, that you can’t do something, because of your gender, age, ethnicity or identity

  • Privately brainstorm different factors that have shaped your identify. Share and explain one factor that you feel comfortable sharing.

  • Read about the chapter on themes of gender equality (Page X) and complete the activities.

  • Research the #menomore movement

  • Working with a partner, or in a small group of three, develop a way to improve safety and wellbeing of female musicians and/or patrons at music festivals (ACPPS098) (ACPPS096)

    • How might this documentary on the subject of females in the music Australian industry positively influence the wellbeing of musicians?

    • The documentary show at the start of Her Sound Her Story was made 25 years ago, why do you think there has been no huge change? What else could be done?

    • Start by researching 5 current strategies. A good starting point is this article: Another strategy is starting the Australian Women in Music Awards

    • Evaluate and critique these strategies, using a Compass Points routine

    • Once you have formed your idea, decide how you could implement your strategy.

    • Present your refined strategy to the class.