Curriculum links and activities: Civics and Citizenship (Level 10)

Depth study: Popular culture

Year 10 Achievement Standard addressed

The Year 10 curriculum develops student understanding of Australia’s system of government through comparison with another system of government in the Asian region. Students examine Australia’s roles and responsibilities within the international context, such as its involvement with the United Nations. Students also study the purpose and work of the High Court. They investigate the values and practices that enable a democratic society to be sustained.

The civics and citizenship content at this year level involves two strands: civics and citizenship knowledge and understanding, and civics and citizenship skills. These strands are interrelated and have been developed to be taught in an integrated way, and in ways that are appropriate to specific local contexts. The order and detail in which they are taught are programming decisions.

Key inquiry questions

A framework for developing students’ civics and citizenship knowledge, understanding and skills at this year level is provided by the following key questions:

  • How is Australia’s democracy defined and shaped by the global context?

  • How are government policies shaped by Australia’s international legal obligations?

  • What are the features of a resilient democracy?

Content descriptions addressed

Knowledge and Understanding

The Australian Government’s role and responsibilities at a global level, for example provision of foreign aid, peacekeeping, participation in international organisations and the United Nations(ACHCK091)

The challenges to and ways of sustaining a resilient democracy and cohesive society (ACHCK094)


Critically evaluate information and ideas from a range of sources in relation to civics and citizenship topics and issues (ACHCS097)

Account for different interpretations and points of view (ACHCS098)

Recognise and consider multiple perspectives and ambiguities, and use strategies to negotiate and resolve contentious issues (ACHCS099 - Scootle )

Present evidence-based civics and citizenship arguments using subject-specific language (ACHCS101)

Use democratic processes to reach consensus on a course of action relating to a civics or citizenship issue and plan for that action (ACHCS100)

Reflect on their role as a citizen in Australian, regional and global contexts (ACHCS102)

Australian Curriculum general capabilities addressed in these activities:

Suggested activities:

HSHS ? head.png

Before watching

Read the Synopsis (Page X), and How the Film Came About (Page X) chapters. Answer the questions related to each chapter and share with classmates.

  • What are your thoughts on the Australian Music Industry? (ACHCS102)

Watch the documentary

After watching the documentary

  • Read about the chapter on themes of gender equality (Page X) and complete the activities.

  • With a partner critically evaluate one surprising piece of information and/or idea in the documentary (ACHCS097)

    • Fact check statistics presented by finding at least 2 other reliable sources

    • What are your thoughts on the statistics? What do you find surprising, comforting or disappointing about the information and/or your research?

    • What are the different points of view and interpretations of the data in the documentary?

  • Explore the UN Sustainability goals, especially Goal 5 toward gender equality: (ACHCK091)

    • In what way are some of the statistics similar and different to those presented in the documentary?

    • How do the UN Goal targets apply to the Australian Music Industry?

  • With a different partner research the following: (ACHCK091) (ACHCK094)

  • The Australian Government Office for Women provides funding for organisations to implement actions to increase gender equality. This funding is provided through one-off grants of up to $843,000 over 3 years. Your task is to write a Grant Proposal for an idea for an action to take about increasingly gender equality in Australian music. You can work in a small group of 3. (ACHCK091) (ACHCK094) (ACHCS097) (ACHCS098) (ACHCS101) (ACHCS100) (ACHCS102)

  1. Women’s Economic Security

  2. Women’s Workforce Participation

  3. Women’s Leadership

  4. Women’s Safety

  5. International Engagement

    • Identify a specific action that you (and your group) feel would increase gender equality in Australian music.

    • Present your evidence-based arguments in a written format using the following headings

      • What is the action

      • Why is it needed?

      • Who will it help?

      • How will the action take place?

      • When will the action take place?

      • Where will the action take place?

    • Present your grant proposals to the class in a 1 minute pitch

    • As a class, vote democratically on the action you believe would be most successful.