About Michelle Hunder

Photographer, Producer

Michelle Hunder is one of Australia's most respected music photographers as her live performance and portrait images come under increasing demand by Australian and international artists. 

Her personal journey into the world of Australian hip-hop was published in 2015 as RISE, a self- published photographic book which was admitted to the National Film and Sound Archives of Australia. 

Hunder's next project was similarly personal: a series of portrait photographs of female music industry identities titled Her Sound, Her Story. With her project partner Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore, she worked with more than 80 women, both in the spotlight and behind the scenes, shooting portraits and interviews for this highly ambitious project. 

As part of Melbourne Music Week, Her Sound, Her Story was unveiled in November 2016 as an installation of more than 40 photographs in the Emporium, Melbourne. 

The series has since expanded to more than 80 portraits, as Hunder continues to be inspired by women both as legacy artists and new talents on the horizon. Her goal is for the series to be seen as the most important and comprehensive work on this topic to date. 



"The concept for this project was originally a small photographic series focusing on a well- reported gender imbalance within the Australian music industry. When Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore came on board with a view to making a documentary, we didn’t have any thoughts of what we might find. We simply determined to ask and listen to each woman’s individual experience. 

"What quickly became obvious was a commonality in the female narrative that we were sure hadn’t fully been explored before. The years to come were a journey for both of us. There were many 'pinch-ourselves' moments when we both realised how fortunate we were to have these women share such intimate personal stories with us. The impact it had on us was evident after each interview and shoot we did. 

"My personal projects have both been about giving back to a music industry that I adore so much and leaving a legacy as an artist that is bigger than just taking pretty photos. Her Sound, Her Story has been the most personally challenging but rewarding journey of my life. Claudia and I both hope the film has as much impact on people as it had on our lives, and hope we can see positive change and understanding in the music industry in the near future.”

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  • How has Michelle Hunder’s style has changed over her career

  • Analyse a photography series by Michelle Hunder.

  • Identify the elements and techniques she has used to construct and communicate ideas. These can include camera techniques, lighting, colour, costume, orientation and shape of the photograph…

  • Identify specific values and points of view the producer Michelle Hunder indicates that she holds? How are these ideas expressed in her work?